Photos ©Charles Mostoller

Iraq veteran recovers from addiction

On Friday I was asked to do a last minute shoot for a feature story on a young Iraq war combat veteran who is struggling to beat an opiates addiction. Matt Hallman lives in Philadelphia, and is now on a methadone treatment and attending community college. With only two or three hours to shoot, I was really worried and a little frustrated that I hadn't got the assignment weeks before so I could do a deep and thorough job trying to tell Matt's story. But in the end I got lucky, with a combination of good light and Matt being really generous with his time. We shot some portraits at his school, and then I tagged along as he walked to go window shopping downtown, got a phone call from his parole officer, and sat in a coffeeshop and studied. I hope to be able to follow Matt over the next few months and keep tabs on his recovery. Below are some of the images, and to read the story in Metro click here .